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An Unfinished Story


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Until the last moment…

Come… Let me take your anger.. hear you scream and shout… Let me take your fury and hear you cry out… Come… Break between my arms .. let the ice melt… Let go the storm .. turn my collar wet… Let … Continue reading

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The beginning of the affair…

He has a shoulder-length curly hair, flowing in gold, and summoning images of long flirtatious beach escapades under a delicate sun. It was his hair that first caught her attention. Or may be it was the way it embraced a lengthy sturdy neck. She couldn’t … Continue reading

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Once more.. nonsense about LOVE

The endless discussions about love… It’s amazing how the conversation never dries up when the topic is about this elusive emotion. Love has left world leaders helpless and violent. It inspired poets when it was generous to surround them and when … Continue reading

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A Plea to God

It’s New Year’s eve …Thank you, God. Friends and family are jubilating, laughing, and having fun; food and drinks; blessings everywhere… Thank you, God! But just one question … why am I still sad?! Why deep down inside me there … Continue reading

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By the Pontes of Italy.. She Sat Down and Wept! (1)

The plane shook violently with the power of bursting through an austere gigantic cloud. The fancy business-class cup fell off the table and right into her lap, spilling cold refreshing water over her jeans. The entire scene was one that … Continue reading

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