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We are moving on…

She is always deleting pictures of her ex-husband. She is deleting songs she performed with her ex-husband. But there is just one problem. Her son. Her 5-year old is always in the picture or his voice is always in the … Continue reading

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Closures! Because everything ends. Regardless, how eternal we would like to believe some things are; closures, ends, finales are always looming around the corner. No matter how big the book is, all stories, all thoughts, all ideas, must come to … Continue reading

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How I Lost You

On his left side, her specter walked beside him into his favorite small breakfast restaurant. With his fiancee’ clinging to his right hand, he headed to a cozy table for two in the corner beside a wide glass window overlooking the enormous … Continue reading

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By the Pontes of Italy.. She Sat Down and Wept! (2)

So, once more she was back in Rome’s airport, few steps away from the center of her dream; the city she has woven zillions of visions around; the city which has kept her going until now, sustained by the hope that one day, … Continue reading

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A scene from a woman’s life

I stand for a second before the door, my hands on the cold knob, my body aching.. craving the minute it will crash on the couch. I take a deep breath. What mood I will have to deal with tonight? … Continue reading

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The Wake Up Call

She was not my friend! Not just that. Never at any point in our “acquaintance” period, have we actually spent more time than that needed to exchange two empty courtesy sentences. I just saw her around the faculty corners and … Continue reading

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In a Cosmopolitan Society, Who Are Your Friends?

It’s Eid in Doha! No families.. just friends. Mostly friends who are made up of smaller families with children. When one is away from home, one has to seek out friends. They become new family, especially in a country where … Continue reading

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From 30 with wrinkles to 31 with wisdom; reflections on a one-year of change!

It’s been another year! Despite my constant fear and thoughts about looming death, I have actually completed another year of my life couple of days ago.   The 30 year old girl, who had wrinkles and whom I shared with … Continue reading

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On New Year’s Eve; There was a Girl… (Part 2)

In Late 2011, there was a 29-year-old girl, who had to take a job that was not as senior as the one she deserves, because she had no other options. She needed any income at this point, so at least … Continue reading

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On New Year’s Eve; There Was a Girl… (Part 1)

In early 2011, there was a 29-year-old girl, who had a husband, 2 kids, a lucrative job, and everything that is supposed to make her happy. Yet in early 2011, this girl was not happy. During her first four years … Continue reading

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