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The Princess & The Witch

I am utterly disconnected from; my childhood and teenage dreams, intensity, and passion. I usually sit in the car looking at a sky dense with the world’s prayers, hopes, and fears, and I can sense little me somewhere there .. calling me, but … Continue reading

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The F.A.I.L Message

The word pops out of the screen hitting her in the face, right between her eyes. Her insides are clutching, cutting communication routes between any Oxygen and her head. She feels dizzy. She lays her head on the palms of … Continue reading

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Insomnia and the Nightly Ghosts

Once upon a time .. long long long time ago… Wait a minute! When was it exactly? Sixteen years ago, right?! Once upon sixteen years ago, there lied a little girl of fifteen wide awake in her bed while her … Continue reading

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The Cleaner & The Sea

He stood before the sleepy sea full of luxurious yachts and boats. They must cost a figure his small mind can’t calculate. He was always told that he doesn’t have a bright mind. That’s why he is now convinced he … Continue reading

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The Wedding

– “No, no, no .. hang on to that dream!” – “No, please, no .. I know you are not the best of my dreams, but please don’t puff away. I don’t want to wake up.” Her eyelids fluttered, shaking … Continue reading

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The Sadness of Shooting Stars

  I saw a shooting star yesterday. You might think –like everyone else- it’s a nice thing, but I know you’ll be surprised enough to know it is not … for me!I’m weird, but then again what’s new? Bet you’ve … Continue reading

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