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Closures! Because everything ends. Regardless, how eternal we would like to believe some things are; closures, ends, finales are always looming around the corner. No matter how big the book is, all stories, all thoughts, all ideas, must come to … Continue reading

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The Wake Up Call

She was not my friend! Not just that. Never at any point in our “acquaintance” period, have we actually spent more time than that needed to exchange two empty courtesy sentences. I just saw her around the faculty corners and … Continue reading

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Just a Whimper!

So…I guess it’s all over. We are through! There is no more this strange connection between us. I have become just another one among the rest. You lost interest. Exactly, the way I have expected you to. I guess the … Continue reading

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My Vows to the Shadow of Death

Death shakes life! When death comes, the reality of life is no longer an established fact; When death visits a household, it takes over; it becomes the only reality. When death is around, it is so big that life transpires … Continue reading

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