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She never walks away…

Her hands  trembled and her eyes sparkled with shields of glass made of hot grains of anger. She cries easily. Whenever she is so emotionally charged, she pours it all out quickly and that  helps her shrug off anything quite fast.. fast … Continue reading

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A Dusty Condo

He hung up the phone. It was a fixed phone on a small dusty white corner table in the living room of his white city condo. It was so noisy outside.. he has never noticed the neighborhood was that crowded. But he … Continue reading

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What does the core want?

“Focus on the core!” he said. His voice reverberated with passion knocking her head down on a promising soft yoga mat on the floor. “Close your eyes and focus on the core!” She doesn’t understand what he means by that. … Continue reading

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The beginning of the affair…

He has a shoulder-length curly hair, flowing in gold, and summoning images of long flirtatious beach escapades under a delicate sun. It was his hair that first caught her attention. Or may be it was the way it embraced a lengthy sturdy neck. She couldn’t … Continue reading

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An old woman’s monologue

She sat down with those deep wrinkles cutting through her face. She looks old, but in fact she is not. She does look hurt, frustrated and lost. Hiding under her big veil, that covers her hair and the upper part … Continue reading

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The tragic finite man

But life… What is life? Just a quest to make peace with your fate, incidents that are imposed upon you, and the fatalities of your wrong decisions or the short-lived victory of the right ones. Just a mission to dodge … Continue reading

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The F.A.I.L Message

The word pops out of the screen hitting her in the face, right between her eyes. Her insides are clutching, cutting communication routes between any Oxygen and her head. She feels dizzy. She lays her head on the palms of … Continue reading

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Yes, Ma’am! I will apologize.. yet again!

Nothing worse than when you are own shortcomings become the reason of your constant humiliation, or even more, when they grow to be a cause for the embarrassment of your own children. I lose my temper, not easily, but I … Continue reading

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Hands in Her Pockets

On the chopping board, she watched her hands moving mechanically dicing the onions, the potatoes, the carrots.. Yes! Her hands! Her hands have acquired a life of their own lately. They have  such amazing skills that couldn’t possibly be hers. … Continue reading

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My Nine Never Failing Mood Boosters!

What are your mood lifters? I do not mean just the feel-good things, but stuff that could really snatch you from a dark pit-hole of bad mood to being-on-the-top-of-mountain-Everest good! Other than being with someone I have interest in, or … Continue reading

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