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You are a star!

I will continue to cheer you all up.. bring you joy and laughter. I will continue to shed light unto your deepest selves and dig out your light-hearted spirit.. I will continue to unlock your secrets, hear your whining and … Continue reading

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A nameless woman with ambition

She hooks her bulky statement necklace at the back of her alabaster neck skillfully in few seconds, then runs her hands smoothly and quickly through her light brown medium long hair, shaking away the residues of her failed-sleeping encounters last night and … Continue reading

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What was on my mind when I started blogging!

The WordPress Zeortohero month organizers are asking us about the idea or the thing that what was on our minds when we first started blogging! I don’t know. But I can identify the state of mind that literally pushed me … Continue reading

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Am an African Egyptian

In my last blog, I posed the question of cross-ideology and cross-culture friends. I wanted to know if it’s only me or if it’s in our nature that we are attracted blindly towards those who are closer to us, whether … Continue reading

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