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She never walks away…

Her hands  trembled and her eyes sparkled with shields of glass made of hot grains of anger. She cries easily. Whenever she is so emotionally charged, she pours it all out quickly and that  helps her shrug off anything quite fast.. fast … Continue reading

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We are moving on…

She is always deleting pictures of her ex-husband. She is deleting songs she performed with her ex-husband. But there is just one problem. Her son. Her 5-year old is always in the picture or his voice is always in the … Continue reading

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An old woman’s monologue

She sat down with those deep wrinkles cutting through her face. She looks old, but in fact she is not. She does look hurt, frustrated and lost. Hiding under her big veil, that covers her hair and the upper part … Continue reading

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Hands in Her Pockets

On the chopping board, she watched her hands moving mechanically dicing the onions, the potatoes, the carrots.. Yes! Her hands! Her hands have acquired a life of their own lately. They have  such amazing skills that couldn’t possibly be hers. … Continue reading

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From 30 with wrinkles to 31 with wisdom; reflections on a one-year of change!

It’s been another year! Despite my constant fear and thoughts about looming death, I have actually completed another year of my life couple of days ago.   The 30 year old girl, who had wrinkles and whom I shared with … Continue reading

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