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19 Personal Observations from Thailand

After a massive strategic lobbying campaign launched by my husband throughout the year, and after a series of unfortunate events, I was forced into accepting taking a winter break in Thailand for 10 days. I have nothing against this part of Asia, but it isn’t … Continue reading

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Once more.. nonsense about LOVE

The endless discussions about love… It’s amazing how the conversation never dries up when the topic is about this elusive emotion. Love has left world leaders helpless and violent. It inspired poets when it was generous to surround them and when … Continue reading

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By the Pontes of Italy.. She Sat Down and Wept! (2)

So, once more she was back in Rome’s airport, few steps away from the center of her dream; the city she has woven zillions of visions around; the city which has kept her going until now, sustained by the hope that one day, … Continue reading

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By the Pontes of Italy.. She Sat Down and Wept! (1)

The plane shook violently with the power of bursting through an austere gigantic cloud. The fancy business-class cup fell off the table and right into her lap, spilling cold refreshing water over her jeans. The entire scene was one that … Continue reading

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Am an African Egyptian

In my last blog, I posed the question of cross-ideology and cross-culture friends. I wanted to know if it’s only me or if it’s in our nature that we are attracted blindly towards those who are closer to us, whether … Continue reading

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In a Cosmopolitan Society, Who Are Your Friends?

It’s Eid in Doha! No families.. just friends. Mostly friends who are made up of smaller families with children. When one is away from home, one has to seek out friends. They become new family, especially in a country where … Continue reading

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