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You are a star!

I will continue to cheer you all up.. bring you joy and laughter. I will continue to shed light unto your deepest selves and dig out your light-hearted spirit.. I will continue to unlock your secrets, hear your whining and … Continue reading

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What does the core want?

“Focus on the core!” he said. His voice reverberated with passion knocking her head down on a promising soft yoga mat on the floor. “Close your eyes and focus on the core!” She doesn’t understand what he means by that. … Continue reading

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Gracefully Changing…

Somewhere in between life’s continuity and decision making..Consciousness gets wasted on Routine!” –OK That was my last post. This is not a quote from someone famous or anonymous. This is a line that I wrote in Arabic so many years ago when … Continue reading

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On Routine and Change

“Somewhere in between life’s continuity and decision making..Consciousness gets wasted on Routine!” -OK

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