An old woman’s monologue

She sat down with those deep wrinkles cutting through her face. She looks old, but in fact she is not. She does look hurt, frustrated and lost. Hiding under her big veil, that covers her hair and the upper part of her body, she flicked through the countless TV channels with her loose-skin hands. She […]

My Nine Never Failing Mood Boosters!

What are your mood lifters? I do not mean just the feel-good things, but stuff that could really snatch you from a dark pit-hole of bad mood to being-on-the-top-of-mountain-Everest good! Other than being with someone I have interest in, or receiving a compliment, I have many small and funny things that I get a kick […]

If You Could Read My Mind…

Is it a blessing or a curse?? I stand before you or you before me, I would pay anything to know what you are thinking of. But I don’t know; how about you? Do you want to know what’s going on in my mind?! I see you looking through me. That look on your face..your eyes..I […]