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19 Personal Observations from Thailand

After a massive strategic lobbying campaign launched by my husband throughout the year, and after a series of unfortunate events, I was forced into accepting taking a winter break in Thailand for 10 days. I have nothing against this part of Asia, but it isn’t … Continue reading

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The death of a gentleman

Death has once more claimed another man of the very few good men… I don’t know Bassem Sabry personally… When I followed him on twitter, I was under the impression that he is my lovely ex-boss Bassem Hamdy Sabry. He … Continue reading

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Once more.. nonsense about LOVE

The endless discussions about love… It’s amazing how the conversation never dries up when the topic is about this elusive emotion. Love has left world leaders helpless and violent. It inspired poets when it was generous to surround them and when … Continue reading

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By the Pontes of Italy.. She Sat Down and Wept! (2)

So, once more she was back in Rome’s airport, few steps away from the center of her dream; the city she has woven zillions of visions around; the city which has kept her going until now, sustained by the hope that one day, … Continue reading

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Gracefully Changing…

Somewhere in between life’s continuity and decision making..Consciousness gets wasted on Routine!” –OK That was my last post. This is not a quote from someone famous or anonymous. This is a line that I wrote in Arabic so many years ago when … Continue reading

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Reputation: Short and Bossy!

–          “Oh my God! Look how short she is. She is so thin.” (Says a guy down the street who couldn’t just swallow his tongue and die before spitting this comment out)  –          “Easy girl! What’s all the attitude about, … Continue reading

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The Perfect Blog..

I admit I am always delayed with my Zerotohero challenge assignments, but at least I get to do them, even if all at one go. But just to be fair I have been experimenting a lot with all the Themes … Continue reading

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Don’t Ignore Me!

Last week, my humanity was jeopardized! I as a human being was compromised… The sad thing is; this sense of presence or essence of being was denied by another fellow human being. What’s even sadder is; we compromise each other’s … Continue reading

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Turn Off the Lights… We Will Light Up the Candles

Two weeks ago, I went back home for a week. Some of you may wonder, “Oh, God! Just a week? Spend all those ticket money and go through all of this logistical hassle, just to home for a week?!” Yes! … Continue reading

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“Never Mind I Find Someone Like You!”

“Who would have known how bitter-sweet this would taste?!“ The final lines of Adele’s song recurred in my head over and over, leaving me in tears as the music tunes faded away slowly. I watched her in her determination and … Continue reading

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