About me… or not!

Am a wanna be writer, who tries to find the biggest of meanings, in the smallest of things. Also an Egyptian PR professional living in Doha, Qatar, a mother of two lovely kids -a boy and a girl, and married to an amazing man who could sometimes drive me to the edge of madness, yet is indispensable to me.

Now, isn’t that all that you need to know about me?! NO! Why? What do you need to know more? Why do I have to talk about myself here and give you a bit of context about what I like and what I dislike, what captivates me and what disgusts me, what thrills me and what puts me off? Do I also have to talk about my belief system, or my values? Wait, are you also expecting me to talk here about my literary preferences or reasons why I started this blog?!Or you may want to know who are my friends, or if I had experienced a climax scene in my life yet; yeah, that scene in the movie after which everything starts to change?!

Well, if I tell you all of this simple and easy on my About Page, what would be the point of reading my blog? I’d rather you try to see who I really am through my articles and stories.

The character or personality that reveals a piece of itself within each thing I write, is the one you need to know. I have stopped writing long ago about things or feelings I have not experienced myself. Whether the story is about me or about someone else, I will always be in the corner somewhere between the lines.

I like a good challenge, so I will leave it to you to find out all the answers you are looking for on your own in between my words.

Don’t forget to drop a line and let me know what you think…



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