Because everything ends.

Regardless, how eternal we would like to believe some things are; closures, ends, finales are always looming around the corner. No matter how big the book is, all stories, all thoughts, all ideas, must come to an end. Some endings are final and some are open, left for time, yet time’s essence is mortality.

“This too shall pass,” says the old wise man. It doesn’t matter how far the sweet taste of happiness linger, or how long the heart bleeds; how long sadness descends like suffocating fog, or how far joy strikes through it. It will all pass. We are not here to stay and nothing remains forever. Cheesy, right? Nevertheless, it is such an abundant and recurrent fact of life that our minds have stopped realizing it.

Closure should be the one thing we teach ourselves and our children to accept. Some images (1)would argue, it’s not closures in itself, it’s change.. change is the nature of all things, but no.

When we change, we evolve.  We stop existing in a previous form, physical and mental. I have stopped being the younger me, I have stopped being the innocent hopeful, I have stopped  being the inexperienced, I have stopped being a believer in humanity, I have stopped being wishful. Even more, the process of change itself cease to happen at the point of no possibility for adaptation.

And so it shall be, forever and ever, closures. We embark on the journey and our mind will deny the reality of the road.. its vanity, its impeding ending, no matter how long it runs or how sweet or bitter the trip is.

And here goes another train, halting at the final station, once and for all.


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