You are a star!

I will continue to cheer you all up.. bring you joy and laughter. I will continue to shed light unto your deepest selves and dig out your light-hearted spirit..

I will continue to unlock your secrets, hear your whining and anger fits. I will continue to be your confident, your best friend, the sister you never had, or the wife you dream of…

And you…

You will continue to choose someone other than will continue to look for someone who looks as close to me as possible.. you will continue to wish for but never select me, you will continue to put me on the pedestal, yet never in your arms. You will continue to keep me in the background and never prioritize me.

But no worries…

That’s the destiny of stars..

They bring us beacons of happiness and disperse our darkness. They guide the lost, and entertain the lonely, inspire the poet and cover the lover. They are always our dream of perfection fulfilled. We will always crave them, but will never dare to reach out for one..

That’s why I am your star.. your forbidden fruit..always yearned for but never picked!

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