The tragic finite man

But life…

What is life?

Just a quest to make peace with your fate, incidents that are imposed upon you, and the fatalities of your wrong decisions or the short-lived victory of the right ones.

Just a mission to dodge and dodge and keep dodging, while always focusing on the road ahead. A video game!

Oh, my! The human race is so wretched! Yet man thinks he is master of the universe; isn’t it comical?!

Humans invent social codes and traditions, then they get trapped within.

Humans formulate economic systems, which evolve and mature as if with a life of their own to crush people with dynamics that were never there in the first place, let alone planned for or anticipated.

Humans sophisticate architecture, their innovation and art spread airs of fake control and arrogance, and then it cracks or tumbles down or become another asset for society to lock us up and cut our wings.

How could we be in charge when we do not have a choice of our mere whereabouts? How could we have a key to the cage when we haven’t yet seen its bars? We are tied down hands and feet to a finite system, constructed upon a beginning and an end law, which in return is the outcome of the Here and Now measurement system.

How could we be the controller when the parameters have already been drawn meticulously for us?They are so elaborate and intertwined keeping us roaming in loops imagesunder the unfathomable layers of the universe, where man stands helpless with his finite brain, in an infinite galactic space, which doesn’t abide by the earthly time and place frame.

Every day, we wake up to unearth and discover but never to invent matter. Only rearrange the elements within the bigger circle.

Is this why we are so tragic and so great? Is this why we are a higher species? Is this why we are better than angels who do not have to deal with the devastating process of decision-making within preconceived constraints and upon which we have zero control, and  cannot tolerate? Even worse, we try to challenge it ignorantly at times!

Is this why we are essentially enigmatic? Because despite how small and knowledge-lacking we are, we still strive to keep our humanity intact. After all, there are still a lot of good people out there, those who do not give up on morals, compromise their ethics, or lose empathy.


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