The death of a gentleman

Death has once more claimed another man of the very few good men…

I don’t know Bassem Sabry personally…

When I followed him on twitter, I was under the impression that he is my lovely ex-boss Bassem Hamdy Sabry. He once commented on one of my tweets and though we differed in opinion, I still appreciated how he has put out his comment.

As days went by and as waves of change continued to wash out Egypt, I discovered we have so many common friends, who were much closer to him than me. I knew Bassem from the eyes of everyone else; they all agreed he was a good man. Simple!

Isn’t it very rare to find a so- very- young man, who was able to attract the attention of so many boys and girls, men and women, and who all happen to endorse him as a special person even though they come from various backgrounds and with very different views on the same topic?!

His death, an addition to all the death news I’ve been receiving recently of people who have just turned thirty, has once more brought me into confrontation with my fears of death and my past dreams and hopes.

I have just turned 32. Though, I am basking in many blessings, I can’t quit sulking over the many things I wish to do before I am summoned to my final destination. To be specific, I can’t stop thinking of the many right things that I need to do before I die.

When I was younger, I used to have a clearer view of my mission on earth, my aim was to leave a mark in people’s hearts. I have always dreaded the concept of people coming and going, leaving no impact whatsoever and dying with the belief that they couldn’t have changed anything. I never want to be like this. I want to create my own legacy. I want to live with passion, rise above the mediocrities and help people live with no regrets, as if every day was their last day.

But the days come and go.. and I am still where I am, if not going backwards. Every time I hear of a young death, I stop and ponder over my life.. and every time I succumb to trivialities and illusions forgetting the only truth; death comes to us all, and that includes me.

Bassem’s death has shown how this man in fewer years than mine has worked on himself first and in the process touched upon the lives of many others, probably not ever noticing he is doing so. He has invented a legacy by becoming the gentleman that this world lacks. The fact that I am writing this piece to mourn him when I have never actually met him testifies to how he was indeed one of the few good men.

Bassem was not a celebrity, but he was one certainly for his network and friends. In return, they have made him a star among the community which matters. He has proven that all which remains for us after we die, is how people will look back and think of us.

Would they pray for us? Would they pay us a visit when it is so dark and lonely? Will they ask God to forgive us? Would they forgive us themselves? Would they still share their good and bad moments? Would they still remember us?

I tried to run away from the news of Bassem Sabry’s death yesterday, but I couldn’t anymore. And on these very very sad days when we have to accept that God is claiming all his good people, I see no point of being sad over Bassem for I believe he is in a much better place.

Instead, I want to console my friends and our generation, who are condemned to deal with the loss of the gentlemen in an era that hardly brings any. I also want to send a tribute to the family and the house that raised such a personality, what a great and enjoyable journey this must have been.

My dear friends, I am so sorry. May Bassem rest in peace, may we all continue to pray for him, may we all continue to remember that life is so short, and that we can create legacies no matter how young we are. Please continue to have the picture of the good people in your hearts and minds, and never stop working on yourselves and on your children, for may be one day we will raise the perfect gentleman and the pefect lady.


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