My Nine Never Failing Mood Boosters!

What are your mood lifters? I do not mean just the feel-good things, but stuff that could really snatch you from a dark pit-hole of bad mood to being-on-the-top-of-mountain-Everest good!

Other than being with someone I have interest in, or receiving a compliment, I have many small and funny things that I get a kick out of.

Why am I going to share this with you? Very simple;

 I need to write something because it’s been almost a week and I want to keep my healing habit of writing, it never fails in keeping me intact throughout the week;

Because the thought just crossed my mind the other day while I was getting ready for work;

Because it’s important (as per my lovely health coach) to be grateful for the big and small things, and since I do remember to express my gratitude for the big things, I also need to ponder closely over the small -not necessarily mundane- ones, which actually makes up our daily lives.

So here you go, a list of my absolute mood boosters, for which am outrageously over the top grateful:

(Feel free to laugh after you go through them, but keep it to yourself! LOL!)

  1. Watching the Devil Wears Prada: Yes! Am obsessed about this movie. All these Miranda-Priestly-the-devil-wears-prada-204928_332_500years and I still watch it with the same excitement as I did for the first time. My husband is completely mystified with this fascination, yet he concluded that it’s all because of the figure of “Miranda Priestly”; it reflects the boss in me! Well, yeah! I admit it; I love “the dragon lady“, who can not to? Especially if you were like me; I work in PR, am a Leo woman, I love clothes, I dream of going independent and having a fruitful business one day where I could be the boss and call the shots of my own life! Of course yes, I love the character. Though on an ethical front, I despise what she represents of capitalist corporate America. Let me correct that, I am aware of what she signifies and I undoubtedly condemn it.. deep down inside, but there is nothing wrong in admiring her . After all, she did the right thing and helped “Andy” with her recommendation! Let alone the fabulous show of fashion put in action. So, to all the cast of this fabulous movie and its writer: am grateful, thank you!
  2. Fashion: You must have already figured that out by now, building up on point number one! I love anything that has to do with clothes. And I am grateful for my ability to put together a good outfit with the simplest of things I have. There is nothing that could have me all geared up for the morning than putting together a success outfit. I love buying new clothes for sure, but it is not as challenging as reinventing what I have and creating a mouth-dropping look from elements already existing in my closet. Don’t get me wrong, am certainly not a thrifty wife! So, my fashion sense: I am grateful, thank you!
  3. My two kids calling me Super Mommy: Of course they have not come up with it themselves; I’d be on cloud number 9 if they did. But I did teach them. I know you might think that’s sick and selfish, yet I bet to differ. I believe we need to teach our kids why mommies are so special, they need to be able to express and put in words why we are so drop-dead-gorgeous-super moms. Since they were little kids, whenever I made one of their wishes come true, I’d say: “Cause mommy is: Super Mommy!” As they grew up, they picked it up, and it makes my heart flutter every time they do. Ohhhhh! My sweet little things: I am grateful, thank you!
  4. Looking at my pix in Italy: I could sit and watch those forever. If you’ve been through my previous posts you’d be familiar with my obsession about Italy. Check: So, my Italy: I am grateful, thank you!
  5. Reading Fifty Shades Trilogy: No, no, no, don’t “smirk” at me! I can think of at least 10 reasons why a mature woman with interest in art, psychology and literature, download (1)over thirty, married and with kids would enjoy reading the Trilogy, and not just this one but any other Romantic fiction! In fact, I can write another blog about this if you insist to know. And by the way it is not cheap fiction; these are very expensive three books! I can give you some clues though: it’s easy read; stuff you need when you just finished a book by Sartre and another about Nietzsche; they rekindle the heat between married couples; and they are very educational as well, if you know what I mean J So, Fifty Shades: I am grateful, thank you!
  6. Waking up early: Am an early morning person. I love to wake up early while everyone else is still asleep. It’s like stealing away few hours to myself before the day begins hustling and bustling and taking pleasure in doing so. It’s my time of reconnecting and peacefulness, which keeps my sanity.  So, my biological clock: I am grateful, thank you!
  7. A shower before bed followed by a steaming hot cup of tea with milk: For me, there is nothing more soothing or relaxing. It’s my magical treatment for anything. If am worrying over something or if I have been pulled down by a series of silly incidents throughout the day, or if I have to take a decision on something I’d rather not downloadto, all I need to do is get my hot shower, sip on my hot tea with milk, cuddle up in bed, and summon the famous line “I will not think of this now, I will think of it tomorrow” from “Gone with the Wind”. Some way or the other, things tend to sort themselves out in the morning, or maybe they don’t seem just as bad. So, my old childhood habits, I am grateful, thank you!
  8. Getting an idea for a post and actually writing it: I have learnt along the years that it has never been about lack of ideas for me as much as it is about lack of ability to just sit down and write. Before I start writing, I have to finish all the silly things you could every think of. Cleaning the kitchen, putting kids to bed, tidying up my desk or my room, browsing through facebook or the internet in general, updating my favorite playlist, checking all my pens, going through my old diaries, and then when there is nothing else silly to do, I finally sit and start scribbling away. The minute this happens is literally a moment of ecstasy. So my muse whoever you are: I am grateful, thank you!
  9. Getting likes and follows on my blog: I don’t know about you out there, but the sound of the notification alarm on my iPhone launched by the fabulous WordPress app is one of my sweetest tunes. Your likes and follows give me the reassurance I need. It tells me someone is out there listening; someone out there is identifying; someone out there doesn’t think I am crazy; someone out there recognized the efforts I have exerted; someone out there thinks my mambo jumbo makes sense. So, dear readers: I am grateful, thank you!

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