Insomnia and the Nightly Ghosts

Once upon a time .. long long long time ago…

Wait a minute! When was it exactly? Sixteen years ago, right?!

Once upon sixteen years ago, there lied a little girl of fifteen wide awake in her bed while her narrow realization of the universe was fast asleep, tucked in by the heavy darkness and cold winds of a very dark night.

Ahhh, those winds! Would they ever stop knocking on her window? What do they want from her? No! She won’t open, even if that means she will deprive herself from the always joyful and promising view of the lovely hill tops, decorating the horizon behind the tightly-closed shutters.

It seems sleep has declared itself her enemy for eternity! She can hear the heavy breathing of the rest of her family coming to her teasingly through the silence, while they ravel in the bliss of deep rest. She can almost tell what each of them is dreaming of. But for her, it’s yet another loooong starless night that she will spend alone with her… Ghosts!

The wind is growing wilder and the weather is getting harsher on her by the minute, download (2)employing its full-on dramatic effects. As scared as she was, she can’t bear staying in her bed under those covers. She can’t stand up, either. Something tells her not to. She can feel it; that awkward feeling that something or someone is around her or is indeed surrounding her! She could sense the energy of a presence. No, she ain’t going nowhere. She doesn’t like unnecessary confrontations anyway. Here.. under these suffocating covers, is much much safer; no hurts, no pains.. and no gains as well, but who cares!! Some music might melt those layers of deafening silence.

His voice brushed her ears with melodic words reciting Cavafy:

“Voices.. ideal and beloved of those that are dead or of those that are lost for us like the dead.. sometimes we see them in our dreams, sometimes.. we hear them, like music.. that fades away in the sunset…”

Suddenly there was no fear. The words killed the ghosts and mended fences with the metaphysical. The words opened the dusty closets and kicked out all the dead skeletons, setting her free. She opened the window.. and to her surprise the wind didn’t scratch her face or steal her heart. She opened the shutters.. and the racing rain droplets didn’t blur her lovely horizon.

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2 Responses to Insomnia and the Nightly Ghosts

  1. trevorkarr says:

    I really liked this! really well written! I look forward to future posts

    • Thank you very much for the lovely words. I try to keep posting every week, but things sometimes get busy. It is not all about poetry so hope you’d still check and let me know your opinion. Thanks 🙂

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