Gracefully Changing…

Somewhere in between life’s continuity and decision making..Consciousness gets wasted on Routine!” –OK

That was my last post.

This is not a quote from someone famous or anonymous. This is a line that I wrote in Arabic so many years ago when I was still experimenting with poetry. Lately, it has been playing harshly with my mind, so that when we were asked by our Zerotohero challenge organizers to post something that doesn’t conform to our traditional blog formats, it was the only thing I could think of. I had to translate it into English and put it out there for people to reflect upon.mind wonderign

It’s very simple, really, when you think it over for a while. How many times have you reached a point of make/break life-changing decision? And how many times have you pretended you didn’t notice? How many times have you known you had to undertake change but chose to let yourself sink in daily routine instead? How many times have you tried to forget that you need to pass the crossroads and determine a path? How many times have you chosen to run in your place, tricking your mind with a fake sense of motion?

That’s it! Choices and decisions; moving forward or staying still; change or routine; excitement or stability; roots or roaming; comfort zones or living on the edge!

We might seem to have the option to take a decision or abstain, yet, no matter how you dodge change; change will come and get you, in the nicest or altogether the ugliest way. Isn’t it ironic! You don’t have a choice when it comes to change…

If you don’t make up your mind and decide when you have reached the road, the force of the universe will push you into one direction or the other. Scared to let go of that job you hate, because you don’t have any other option, you are going to get fired! Scared of commitment, because you don’t want to jeopardize your lifestyle and your freedom, love will hunt you down or your folks will! Scared of letting go of your partner who you seem to share nothing with anymore, because you dread being on your own for a while and dealing with the burden of yourself, he/ she will walk out on you soon enough. I can go on and on, the examples from our lives are endless.

But here is what I want to tell you, whether you choose to accept change or wait for it to change1take you by surprise, whether you choose to succumb to it with your full will power or to just let it punch you in the face, it’s all going to be fine. That’s why human beings still exist and have not perished. It’s our magnificent graceful power of adaptation. No matter how good or bad are the cards that life deals you, you will always adjust, move on, embrace the status quo and make it through with what you have.

Our ways of acceptance may differ, the time we take to assimilate and comprehend may vary from one person to the other, but we all surface again in our own unique way. So relax and enjoy the only thing that is constant and consistent about life: Change! The choice is yours…

 (This post is part of the Zerotohero challenge. Delayed assignment from day 21)

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