Falling in Love

I made up my mind. I will sit and write you a note.

Notepad_Just_a_Note_Tidbits_FreebieI will tell you everything that’s been going  in that little crazy mind of mine! Yes, I know you’ve always been able to read it, but am not going to rely on that. Because what if you didn’t really know?! One problem though, I am not sure what it is that is worrying me and that I need to talk to you about in the first place. However; I can feel something out there that I have to tell you about or may be warn you against! I don’t know! 
I am certain that I can see, feel, and recognize things that are happening around you and me, but it doesn’t look like you do too. I can’t describe them in words either. Plus, if you don’t see them yourselves, would you ever believe my warning cry, or would you think am crazy?
Deep inside I have this urge to warn you. Against what?! Suddenly, am all confused. What’s wrong with me?  I can’t even focus to write you a little note of “Take Care!”  Never experienced such sense of loss before. Yet again, it has always been this way when it comes to you. You always seem to scare all the words..and logic out of me!
Your favorite song is brushing my ears now from the music player in the far corner of the room. May be it’ll help me articulate all that, which I want to tell you. What a crippling sense of suffocation! Never knew that Unidentified thoughts or feelings could torture this way. It’s like being locked up in a dark room alone struggling with something you can’t define its simple nature.
Even more strange how these same thoughts can betray you. They slip between the cracks of your undiscovered self, and make themselves accessible to someone other than you; someone you may not want him or her to know what’s going on in your mind; someone whom you don’t want to allow into your personal space or someone you don’t want to be like an open book before, especially when you have not made any sense of yourself, yet. Is that how it works; How we might not understand ourselves while others know us inside out? drowning2
THE NOTE! Yes! THE NOTE! I have to focus, or it will be really too late!
My Very Dear Friend,
Please take care, I can see you falling. Please don’t ask me into what or why or where? Too many questions! But I know I have already fell before you. Not sure if you were trying to save me..
Oh! Look! A shooting star! God, I have to make a wish, quickly.
I wish… I wish you are really able to read my mind.
I send you all my thoughts, logic, insanity and my unfathomable deep self, that I have never explored, upon this burning short-lived shooting star!
 No use. I can’t write you the note! Why should I write you anything?! To say things that I can’t express? Or to say things that should be left unsaid? To say things that you probably know quite well? Or to warn you against yourself or mine?!
I will continue to watch over you, look into your eyes, and pray you already know the danger we are heading fast into.
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