The Perfect Blog..

I admit I am always delayed with my Zerotohero challenge assignments, but at least I get to do them, even if all at one go.

But just to be fair I have been experimenting a lot with all the Themes for the past couple of days, until finally and only this morning I managed to reach something that soothes me when I log in to my page, and which could give the readers a peak into my personality.

I have changed the title of my blog, as well. Though am in love with the word The Philosopheress, the Zerotohero challenge made me think that it could be suitable for the address bar but it certainly doesn’t reflect what my blog is all about. It does tell you a bit about me though.

I chose SNAPSHOTS in WORDS as my blog title because that’s what I do. I write short  stories or reflections, because I always like to dig for bigger meanings in the smallest of things, I believe that a moment we live fully and experience intensely can actually reveal a lot and teach us myriads of things. I guess a short story by definition is an attempt to capture a moment with words. Exactly like photography! So that’s what am doing. Am being a wordagrapher here. Through my blog, I will always be on a quest to identify, share, and expand on human experience. I am always trying to attract your attention to things you might not usually notice, or define momentary feelings we are not always good with explaining.

I have also changed my profile picture to make it easier for my follower to recognize me, especially on Social Media. My Twitter account is @philosopheress1, feel free to follow me there and get in touch.

As for writing something with a new element, I already have that post when I tried to embed a video from Youtube for Adele which was key to my article, but it always failed. So thanks to the Zerotohero challenge I finally made it. The post is now updated and edited so please take a look at it and let me know what you think. You can visit it via this link:

So I guess that checks all my previous assignments until today’s (Day 8). I am going to have to spend sometime on my About page. Hopefully, will have something for you tomorrow.

In the meantime, leaft through my blog and let me know your opinion. Is there anything else I need to work on? Are there any more widgets you suggest to make your visit to my blog easier? What do you think of my blog title?

Bring it on! 🙂

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