The Cleaner & The Sea

He stood before the sleepy sea full of luxurious yachts and boats. They must cost a figure his small mind can’t calculate. He was always told that he doesn’t have a bright mind. That’s why he is now convinced he can’t do more than what he already does.

As far as he knew, his life was always counted in tens! He doesn’t know how a 100 bill look like, whether in his country or where he works now.

He loves it when his shift brings him to this lofty place. On such early mornings, everyone Blue-Sea-Sky-with-Clouds-HD-Wallpapersis at work. Only moms with their innocent children stroll along the pedestrian road by the water, listening to the music floating lazily from the speakers that are embedded here and there to set the mood and create a special experience for the residents of this very elite compound and its visitors.

This is the time when he can act like he is working, but he is actually watching the sea pour all of its secrets into an endless horizon. He loves to stand there breathing in the salty aroma of the coast. He inhales it so hard that he could almost taste it on his tongue. He likes it, not just because it takes away the stinky smell of his overall from his nose and cleanses his nostrils from the dust and garbage smell, but also because it makes him dream.

He has stopped dreaming a long time ago; ever since he left his wife and kids back home. He couldn’t find a decent job there, he was told that if he comes to this foreign country and work for two years, he could make good enough money that will keep his family going for some time till he finds another job.

He had to accept it- how else could he guarantee food and shelter for his son and wife. He misses them. He misses his small clean bedroom smelling of the sweet scent of home cooking, and their clean small table around which they all gathered to have a very small meal, he misses their laughter.

From a distance he sees a smart fit woman jogging. She looks free and healthy. What if he just dives in the sea?! He hasn’t swum in such a long time, let alone take a shower. He can’t run like her, he will be fired! The woman ran quickly past him, she looked him up and down, then screamed: “Why are you staring at me? F****** A*****!

What! Why?! She probably doesn’t know that he can understand English. He wasn’t looking at her; he was just thinking he needs to run too.  Or was it his smell that disgusted her that much?!

He picked up his broom and started sweeping the shiny expensive marble, and only to himself he muttered: “I am sorry rich woman; I’ve been cleaning up your garbage!”


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2 Responses to The Cleaner & The Sea

  1. Niceeeee
    but why you kept on stressing about the smell of the cleaner’s clothes?
    I enjoyed it begad! 😉

    • Hey Meso, happy you enjoyed it. I am focusing on the smell, because as a cleaner living in such awful conditions when they don’t have basic sanitary facilities, his only wish is to be clean and smell nice. It’s an example of one thing to highlight a bigger issue.

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