I’ve been calling you for so long now, but you are not answering, and it doesn’t seem you will. Should I use the phone?! But it has never been the case between us. We never used phones. We never needed any of the modern means of technology to communicate!

I’ve always believed that you could feel me when I’m talking to you; that you could hear me, understand me, respond to me, even with the simplest of looks and gestures. And I.. I’ve always sensed you, felt you, got your messages, and I have always held  tight to that flowing stream between our minds. Yet, something has come across our way! The chord is cut…and you are no longer receiving anything from me. Suddenly, it grows very crowded…and I lose sight of you! No! I SEE you but I don’t see you, or you SEE me but you don’t see me!!!

Nonsense; nothing to say. There has never been anything to say. It is sooo difficult; difficult to try and speak about what has never been spoken. Heard it once before: “Expressed not .. Exists not”, could that be true? Is existence really related to expression? Does lack of expression deny the existence of the intangible? And does a flow of expression assert that existence?!

Could it be that all along I’ve been deluded; tricked with the illusion of a word-free relationship into a false scary castle of alienation that nobody raised up but…the stupid me??

Who is Me then; the one who sensed you, felt you, smelt you, and even breathed you? Who is “You“, if you were nothing but a creation of the feeble fabric of my mind since the very beginning? Were you never there? Did all my day and night conversations melt away against the heat of…mere Vacuum?

Again all I talk about is simple feelings, after all, it’s all I’ve got. We are drifting apart and I am heading back to where I was before. I can hear them all making fun of me:

“Welcome back dreamer to the land of the lifeless!”


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