Just a Whimper!

So…I guess it’s all over. We are through!

Depression-loss_of_loved_oneThere is no more this strange connection between us. I have become just another one among the rest. You lost interest. Exactly, the way I have expected you to.

I guess the problem is that I knew you so well, yet, I refused to believe you would act as the “You” I know, when it comes to me.

Stupid, ain’t I? To think that we were both attached to one another by a ring that would transform you from the person you really are, into someone else with me. What a silly notion! The leopard can’t change its spots, or so they say.

Just like the lions’ trainer. He knows the lions inside out. He chooses to raise them up, enticed by their fake innocent-needy-kittens look. As they grow before his eyes, he believes he knows their every whim and grim, their moments of anger and their moments of joy. He knows it is of their nature to eat humans, but he refuses to believe they would eat his arm, when they are hungry or angry!

However, the lion, from my story, had starved itself to death, when it realized it has slaughtered its trainer. But what about us? Do we even regret stabbing one another in our ultimate faith?! I allowed you into my mind and soul. You saw it all. And now… you are spilling it all over the place.

Is that what we do to treasures? But I am not a treasure to you; at least not as much as you have been to me. For I .. I can understand and appreciate the value of the fragile inner self, I wouldn’t use it against you, no I won’t. Not just because I am better than you, but also .. because I am shock-stricken and paralyzed!

The famous broken line echoes  in my mind:

“This is how the world ends/ not with a bang, but with a whimper”! 


Yes! The whimper of the sacred self, being dragged all over the floor, laying vulnerable and dying slowly under the feet of the blind and the deaf .. like the one that you are.

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