The Sadness of Shooting Stars

I saw a shooting star yesterday. You might think –like everyone else- it’s a nice thing, but I know you’ll be surprised enough to know it is not … for me!I’m weird, but then again what’s new? Bet you’ve know it all along, haven’t you? Really, shooting stars are a sad thing. It’s a star that has fallen down with all the wishes cast upon it, and simply … burnt up! Isn’t it a pity how a beautiful far away star, would so quickly and easily fall of its place taking all the wagons hitched to it down?!shooting-stars

I remember when I first saw you; you were standing there, behind you… there was a single confident twinkling star. It was only you and the star against a wide black sky … but the darkness didn’t matter then. There was light; there was you; and there was the star!!! But you don’t remember…
There were many dreams and wishes born on that day; finally there was something to look up to. You were … up … high … very high actually, that I couldn’t catch your eyes, but once I did .. I knew … I have hitched my wagon to you!!!I walked down the paths of life, looking for my star among the terrifying earthly faces. Those blank faces that never saw me; those deaf ears that never heard me … but stars don’t live on planet earth! They are high up there … unreachable … graceful with their knowledge of everything; their knowledge of the real me, and their wisdom while tearing all my walls down. They are always there, listening,  sparkling, always being … stars!You were not simply different than the rest, for comparison is non-applicable. You stood out … in relevance to you everything was evaluated.

I never thought of telling you “Thank You” … stars are never thanked for shining. They simply know we are grateful; you’ve always known everything about me, things that I don’t even know … yes stars do know we appreciate.

But I forgot that even stars do shoot down … and burn! Strange how a word or a simple step on the wrong orbit would fire it up… so easily! I saw a shooting star the other day; it fell right behind you … blazing up with all the hopes and dreams, it fell with a one word you said. How I wished you didn’t talk. My star burnt up because of you.
shooting_starSuddenly there wasn’t you; there wasn’t a star; there wasn’t me, there was only darkness and the voices of earthly creatures, yours mixed up with them … not making sense anymore.I guess I have to be a big girl now … and remember stars only exist in fairy tales and bedtime stories: “Once upon a shooting star … a little girl grew big, and a big man … grew little!”
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