A ticking clock with broken pointers…

broken clock” It’s been such a loooong time! No, it’s not what you think. It’s just that I didn’t want to. Well, to be more specific I wasn’t able to. But you can’t say I didn’t try. I swear I did.
All this scribbling and these drawings on those crumbled papers would testify I tried to write you anything but something kept going wrong with the words.

I guess thinking and speech usually conflict with each other; and I tell you; a lot has been taking place for so long that at the end, I realized I’m thinking but I’m not sure about what exactly.

Have I told you before about the clock I have beside my bed?! I guess someone has broken its pointers. It keeps ticking all the time, though. Anyway, what was I saying?! Yes. I knew I was ticking …. Ooops …. thinking all the time but I never knew what I was thinking of exactly. Funny, isn’t it? Noooo, not the clock … I mean me.

We are such weak creatures, you know. PATHATIC. Torn apart. Confused. Puzzled. PATHATIC … but I already said that, haven’t I? But why am I saying that? I surely must have a reason! A reason … a reason … a reason … ahh, yes I remember. Lately, so much stuff has been going on, lots of things, I can’t remember them all right now (I wonder if I can at any other) that I finally wasn’t able to keep it up and I lost track of them all. May be that’s why I sense my mind is working … but not over something specific.

By the way, there’s this guy next door … have I told you about him?! Not sure, if I did but just in case … he is growing to be an increasingly forgetful person. He sometimes doesn’t remember his own children or where he is and …. they say it’s some kind of a disease! It seems I can’t recall its name now. What do you think? They say they don’t know when, why, or how does it all start? I mean forgetting. There are no reasons … may be too much incidents, events, or situations make the mind ponder … but in vain! No, I’m not talking about the man, I’m talking about myself; Can you please pay me a little attention?!!!! This is annoying.

May be you are right anyway. Probably, the guy suffered from too much thinking as well. And eventually he wasn’t able to cope. Very fragile, aren’t we?! I mean we just can’t take a load of some thoughts, some ideas, some abstracts … some … some nonsense!

I was wondering what I should do with the clock. Should I bring it some new pointers? Or should I take the batteries off?! Disconnect it that is?! Ah, by the way, have I told you about the guy who lives next door … he is starting to forget everything … they say it’s a disease…

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