Between Eagles and Lions; Change in Perspective

“There is too much bad in the best of us.. and there is too much good in the worst of us..
and then hardly remains any of us..
to judge upon the rest of us!” – Jibran

I always try to walk down the middle line. No, it’s not a good thing! Trying to hold the stick from the middle, will classify you as: an opportunist, double-faced, or best case scenario; a weakling, a coward, and good material for manipulation. Those on your right, or those on your left, will always see the side of yours that’s not aligned with theirs.

There was a time for me when life was merely all black and white; there was a time when for me people were standing either on my right or left, and that necessarily implied that black & left were wrong, while right and white are how things should be (I have no idea how they should be in the eyes of who or as evaluated against which criteria).

There was a time when I took one step forward, and I’d completely forget that the road behind me still exists. There could be things happening out there, which my angle of vision cannot shed light on.


There were, also, those who followed and, naturally, were brought closer. There were others who tried to explain that there may be other streets leading to the same point, but –of course- those were shoved away! Omigod! They dared to bet to differ. They claimed our way wasn’t the only one in the world, how could they? If they don’t see what I see, if they don’t believe what I believe, undoubtedly, something is wrong with them!

But on one of those boring afternoons, I turn on Animal Planet. Wow, a report on Lions. Lovely! I like lions too much. In addition to being a Leo woman myself, I find lots of common characteristics between us. They are such prideful elegant creatures. Despite all the bad conditions they have to go through, they still live up to their reputation, fighting till their last drop of strength, they fight for what they believe is Right!

Sarcastically, the documentary was showing how lions are not necessarily the smartest species. The lion is the least of meat-eating animals, in a place, to be able to realize that there is a fresh blood dead prey somewhere close around him.

The eagles, high up in the sky, notice it first! ‘Course, they have the bigger picture. They can scan wider areas and have shortest and fastest access to get there.  While the Lion is strutting and fretting with a delusional façade of pride too hungry to admit it, he is failing to find any sign of food. Mind you, the banquet is technically couple of miles away.

In the meantime, the Hayenas, who live somewhere in the middle on hill tops, know how to read eagles’ signals and can smell lions when they are around. They realize there is a prey somewhere and know for sure, they can get there before any lion does.

And they do! The minute they arrive, the eagles fly away without completing their meal, and by the time the short-sighted too prideful lion arrive, they have had their share of the good meat and don’t mind leaving him the remains.

It’s too much pride and being judgmental that make us lose our best chances even when they come on a golden plate. The eagles thought they are the fastest; thought no one else can understand their language, or would be able to find a different way to the prey. But they don’t live on earth, and don’t know how those on it have to live or think.

On the other hand, the lion stood there, trusting his own senses, refusing to believe there could be others who know better, because he doesn’t live in the skies or on mountain tops to know how those up there live or think.

The Hyenas were by far the smartest! They weighed the two perspectives, calculated the time well, had a good assessment of their own capabilities, and acted accordingly. They got the best of the situation because they didn’t take their competitors lightly and knew their potential well.

No, no, no! I can hear you…don’t give me all that talk about Eagles will remain Eagles, Lions will remain Lions, while Hyenas are dirty opportunists! Even that is very judgmental! They have to live in certain conditions; it’s the instinct of life. We may not agree about how they do things, but we need to understand where they come from.

The truth is; we will never be able to understand why people act the way they do unless we are in their shoes. It’s all about perspective! It’s all about being humble enough to believe that your eyes are not as strong as you think it is, and your brain is not as encompassing as you think it might be.

I choose to walk down the middle line! Not because am an opportunist, not because am scared to upset this or that! Not because am double-faced! But because I refuse to be too proud. It can never be my way or the high-way. I am certainly not the smartest, or the one who’s got it all uncovered, and neither do you!

 If you climb a mountain all the way to the top, and look down on those on earth; you see them all crammed in one area, fighting for space. You can also see right next to them, a green field that can fit them all comfortably. What would you do? Try and tell them! Would they believe you? Probably no. If you go down to speak to them, what will happen? You will probably be too irritated with the crowd, as you too fight your own space; you may not even be able to explain yourself or even talk!

We are all sitting on our own thrones, giving ourselves the right to divide people. We put them on our right or left, locking them in black and white zones, denying the full rainbow, denying the blessing of a whole wide range of colors that can keep our lives bright and shiny, adding depth and perspectives.

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One Response to Between Eagles and Lions; Change in Perspective

  1. Hakuna Matata says:

    This a very well-demonstrated piece. Keep it up!!

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