The Same Old Story!

Bored as I have been all through the past period; I thought of tidying up my room. I don’t know if that was a wise decision; but I definitely know that it wasn’t such an easy process. Piles and piles of papers, books, stationary, clothes, cassette tapes, and all sorts of thingsh thrown and crammed up everywhere. In every corner in the room; in every drawer; on every shelf; there was something that has always been there but I never saw it, or rather … ceased to see it sometime ago!

Funny, right?! I discovered how silly I am; I mean what sort of a person would be so keen on keeping every piece of chocolate paper just because it brings on some memory that he/she no longer remembers! God … and all those dead crumbled flower leaves; when and how did they get inside my books? They only messed up the pages, got them all stained with a dead essence of a past I can’t recall!

What was I thinking, keeping  my desk drawers jammed with all those papers .. folded neatly, embracing few silly words written on them, as if they would really cease the moments and snatch them away from the crushing gears of time?! I should’ve known better … I should’ve used my desk for something more useful, I can’t find enough space to orderly organize my work papers!
O’ my God! Guess what? I have a safe place inside my closet! That’s really silly, why would I have one in the first place? But may be it wasn’t such a bad idea after all; for there amid  the long-ago dust, sits a beautiful ring, that used to have a small shiny amber. But it is not shiny anymore.

I remember now. I used to cherish that ring; I didn’t want to have anything spoil it for me. I thought of keeping it somewhere safe, to make sure it is always there, just for me, and that I wasn’t going to lose it here or there! I loved it a lot, yet I totally forgot it! How did I? It’s been years probably, and the ring has always been there, locked up…waiting for me!

The small flickering amber doesn’t flicker or twinkle anymore. I held the ring slowly, with a horrible sense of guilt. I tried to wipe away the dust, and bring back its glimmer, but something went wrong with the Gem. Something used to be ablaze and, now, it went off.

Very ironic! I had all the good intentions in the world for this ring. I shovedmemories-dock it away to ensure it is always safe and in good condition; to ensure I would never lose it. I locked it away in the name of love and totally forgot about it!
I think I know now why the amber doesn’t shine anymore. The whole room was strange to me. Where did all these things come from? Have they always been there? Have I stopped seeing them at a certain point?

I tried to put the ring on .. but it wouldn’t even fit. It’s too late. Something ached inside me..

No, I won’t cry over a ring .. no way! I guess I’ll just keep it for the memory!
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