30 with Wrinkles!

“You need lots and lots of face massages, scrubs, and moisturization! Your skin is so dry and it needs so much attention to firm up again,” says that woman working at the beauty salon I am visiting for the first time. Oh no, wait a minute! Says the woman whose face is very wrinkly, and can use some of those firm up techniques she is talking about. All the make up she is wearing didnt’ help her hide the engravings of the years. She looks like she could be at her mid-fifties, but probably she is in denial.

If she is “the” expert beautician, who can save my wilting skin and turn back my biological clock, why didn’t she do the same to herself?! The descrepancy between what she was trying to sell me and how she looked was overwhelming. It was too out there; it stood between us, actually, in a way that made it difficult for me to utter those courteous phrases one would usually mumble before a salesperson to get away without hurting his/her pride.

I think the look in my eye was like: “Really?! Are you sure about that, am sorry I don’t believe you can help me, did you look at the mirror this morning?” There was this awkward moment when human’s ability to translate flowing energies into words was very high, and I think she was able to read my mind. She seemed a little bit embarrassed and said: “Ok I will let you have your blow-dry now, excuse me.” As she turned around, she added: “It is really about how you feel inside, not how you look. You will always feel better, if you pay more attention to your body and soul,” – and then she left.

As I sat  helpless under the experienced hands of my hair pro, I wondered, was I too harsh with my thoughts about the lady? For some reason or the other, it was very weird how I was so sarcastic and mean, even if it was all just happening in my head.

Now, c’mon! I’m a business woman. For the past 11 years, I learnt and taught people how to convince others with their products, service, or opinion. The main thing was always about how ‘YOU’ should stand up for what you are trying to persuade people with. As Ghandi says “Be the change you want to see in the world!” – of course different purpose, yet it is a golden sales rule. You cannot sell people fashion, for example, if you are not an icon yourself. Same way, you cannot tell me you will firm up my skin and pump it, when yours looks like it’s hanging by a thread. There is nothing to back you up here.

I went home and I stood before my mirror. “Magic mirror on the wall / Who is the fairest of them all?” The problem is, I already know the answer. Just few days ago while I was getting ready for work early morning, I had a reality-check and I know for sure am not “the fairest” -not anymore at least!!!

I knew it was coming, but I kept fooling myself. Yet that time it was too obvious to just act like I am not noticing. There on the mirror before me, white hair was spreading viciously through my hair, and my first three wrinkled lines have shown up on my forehead, and the outer contour of my eyes.

It was official; the 30th countdown has started. Given my family’s genetic background and the aptitude, running in our blood, towards early skin-aging and crazy metabolism, my journey with Senility has clearly began.

Is that why I busted the lady up in my head? Because I knew she was saying the truth? My skin is dehydrated and it’s growing loose! Long gone the days when my body didn’t need any extra outside help! I can no longer depend on the the wise decisions of my brain to solve my internal problems, I suppose! Now I have to provide some outside feedback and guidance – but this lady isn’t necessarily the right one to help! I still insist; she is not the best speaker on behalf of her own commodity.

However, is there anyone who was able to beat the crafty hands of time working on our faces like 100%?!

Like it or not, we all grow old. Our skin will wilt slowly, lose its firmness, the wrinkles will masterfully create their own patterns telling our life story, no matter how hard we try to stop them. With some it may start as early as their 30s, with others may be a bit later, but eventually, we will all have our lives published on our faces and around our eyes.

Standing before the mirror, I smiled. The wrinkles disappeared. “It’s all about how you feel,” the voice of the lady rang in my head. The next day, I paid her a visit.

I may not be able to stop the wrinkles, but I can take care of myself. Have joy in my eyes, a smile around my lips, and satifsfation that am doing what I should towards myself body and soul, and then the ugly wrinkles will disappear … even for a short while.

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