Summons of the flowing waters

Everyone answers the summons of the flowing waters!

At home or away from home, we are all summoned by the whispers of the tenderly dancing water or the roars of the clashing waves. And we all answer the calls. It may take us sometime, either to hear them or to follow, but we eventually do, and we are always happier and a little wiser, even if .. we don’t realize it.

May be because the flowing water is the very essence of nature, and nature is our mother, who decided to leave us on our own, but always call upon us for a hug when she feels we are desperate for one.

Be it a river or a sea, the eternal, relentless, persistent waters captivate me. Obviously not just me, but also all those lining beside me close to the gulf-side on a very hot sunny morning!

Each listening attentively, each trying to hear the message. Seems like when we are away from home, we all grow even more clingy to the flowing waters!

Sarcastically, with its fluidity and constant movement, the sea or the river are the root we have when we are like aliens in another country. If you are searching for something bigger, it could mean to you all the new worlds you need to conquer, and if you are lonely, it can be a way back home!

I open my ears, I try to hear what the water is telling me.. I know it is talking to me:

“O’dear! look at those wrinkly lines on your forehead! Relax, my child .. let your hands relax beside you. Yes, just like that. Unwind .. let your hair down, and feel my breeze caressing your face. C’mon, throw all of your anxiety on my clashing waves. Let your soul float and dance over my always changing surface, I will cleanse it for you.

” You don’t have to travel with your body across the world, I will always take you across the universe while your spot is still warm. Look at me, dare to take a plunge, and you will find everything you are looking for.

“You will see for real all the times that have ever been, and all the times that there will ever be; all the wisdom that has ever been revealed, and all that which will ever be known.

“I know you feel something is missing, but don’t deny me and you will find what you are looking for. I know you like to learn languages, why haven’t you ever tried to learn the language of the flowing waters? I have been running in your veins and across this world since the creation of the universe, I have been a witness and a mentor .. but only to those who want to learn.

“I know you. I have seen you come to this world and I have watched you grow into the questioning being you are. I have watched your restless ambitious self trying to unleash itself from within you, and you always trying to lock it, tame it and control it. I have seen how you compromised to fit in, and I now see how you are seeking stability!

“See, I can feel you now moving impatiently in your seat, stealing a glimpse every bit of your watch. Why? Why are you always looking for what happens next. Relax, enjoy the moment now, it’s all you’ve got.

“Watches are a man- made invention? Measuring time is just for human beings to fulfill their need for quantifying. A failing attempt to give sense to things your small mind can’t comprehend. It is yet another way by which the mortal try to embrace the immortal. But you just can’t! The finite is always part of the infinite, and in the wider infinite there is no lapsing time. There is only now.

“I see you now, a bright beautiful mature woman. I see you now, a young beautiful curious kid. I see you now, a wiser older woman with marks of wisdom and better judgement on her face.

“You are now all that you have ever been, and all that you will ever be.

“Yes- relax my love, let go, roll over the flowing water, taste its saltiness at times, and at other it’s quenching sweetness. Don’t be afraid of change; it’s the very essence of your existence.

“Let go of your memories! While they are your legacy, yet you have to see the fine line between cherishing them and having them bind you.. I can see them stopping you from cultivating new ones.

“Let go and move on. Let go and join the rhythm of the universe. Let go to see more. Let go to fly beyond the borders of your mind.

Let go my sweet, and dance with the flowing waters.”

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