Fireworks for all- light for all

Yesterday, I put on the adventurous side of me and decided to be a cool mommy and fun wife by agreeing to take the unthinkable risk of going to a publics outdoor place, on a fine weather night, during the Eid vacation in Doha, Qatar!

For those of you who are not aware of Qatar (in such case I advise you start catching up on your reading), or who are not familiar with Gulf Countries weather in general, it is usually very hot and humid throughout the year, that basically people do in winter what mostly the rest of the world does during summer!

Yes, this is a country that goes indoors in summer and outdoors in winter, and it is amazing how it has proven that ACs cannot be a solution for our climate change problems and that domes are not a future solution for pollution. After spending almost six months inside malls for outings or at huge fully air conditioned skyscrapers, people here yearn for moments when they can feel Mother Nature’s touch upon their foreheads.

Anyway, so as temps go down, and hearts go softer answering the calls of the calm gulf tender waves, people abandon the man-made environments for a moment of fresh breeze bliss.

But when that moment is during a Eid (feast) vacation, in a public place with free admission, right on one of the best beaches in the city, and that has just announced 15 min of fireworks in celebration of these holy days, ah-ohhh, and no no no- you don’t wanna be part of this. Simply the entire city is going to be there.

With two kids on my hands and a long day of shopping, I can’t possibly do this, yet I did. Hubby wanted to watch fireworks and I thought kids would love it too.

It took us one hour to manage to get inside Katara (Doha’s finest cultural destination on the beach), and another 30 min to reach the seaside pedestrian road. Man, it wasn’t just busy, it was floating with people, I didn’t even know Qatar had such numbers of people in the first place.

I can almost swear that there was a representative of each continent in the world at one point. Geee, like these people never saw fireworks before. What’s wrong with them, it is just fireworks!

As I swiped my iPhone screen checking my FB in boredom and taking the whole thing very lightly, a couple of shots lit up the sky to grab everyone’s attention, the show was starting in few seconds.

I stood there, sounds of fired up explosives rocked at the back of my mind. While each ball cracked through the dark skies with an immense amount of bewitching light, I was mesmerized.

I have never experienced fireworks so close before, they were so near I was sure I can touch them with my hands, yet they were so far. Like a 3D vision, very illusive, but very invasive of your personal space. The experience of light so close in the sky was very enlightening.

I took a look around and it hit me that people were not seated in a special way to be able to see anything. It wasn’t a cinema or theatre style sitting arrangement, people were just everywhere and anywhere. No one was fighting over a certain chair or space. Do you know why? Because it was happening in the sky!

People were on the floor or on the free decks spread all over the place, or on the small fence running beside the sea, and some who are slightly better off, were sitting at one of those fancy restaurants’ balconies lined up along the pedestrian road, yet they were all getting the same view and it didn’t matter who is sitting where or who is paying for more, because the show was for all, the light was in the sky and the sky belongs to us all! Regardless, of our background, religion, money, or social status, we all get to experience the light when it shines through the dark skies, because it is all encompassing and all inclusive of us. It embraces and surrounds us because it is way bigger than our smaller selves.

If what happens in the skies belongs to us all and speaks to us all, then what about He who is in the sky and all around! He who is within us and outside us.

I know you are thinking: “chill out girl, it was just a fireworks show,” but what the heck are you doing reading a blog titled “the Philosopheress” then- this must have stood for something, don’t you think so?!

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